Let me show you the great wineries of Texas.

Wine Your Way Across Texas

Wine your Way Across Texas is a video series where I speak to the wine makers, winery owners and others at the 600+ wineries in the Great State of Texas. I will explore the hidden gems of Texas wineries and talk about the tremendous wines they produce.

Join me as I explore each winery, the wines they make, food pairings and the vineyards.

Your Host and Wine Enthusiast

Michael grew up in Greer, SC. He had the luck to learn to how to cook and garden from his grandparents. As the youngest of 6 children and a house of 10 (parents, grandparents, and children), it could be hectic at times. Helen Mae (grandmother) started showing Michael how to cook. Francis Marion (grandfather) showed him how to garden.

Every spring, Michael would help his grandfather with the garden. From tomatoes to potatoes to okra to corn, they planted it. Many times, he would help harvest from the garden and bring the fresh vegetables to the kitchen for that night’s dinner.

His grandparents grew up in the Shreveport. LA area. Growing up in this area gave them the opportunity to learn the local flair for cooking and smoking meats. During the holidays, the family would enjoy a smoked turkey, smoked ham, smoked pheasant, and smoked quail wrapped in bacon.

Michael counts his blessing that he had the opportunity to learn from two of the greatest people he has ever known. Now, he takes this love of cooking and regularly cooks for his friends.

As time went on, Michael has learned about wine and the pairing of food with wine. He’s had great mentors in the past years. Because of his mentors, he has learned how to pair food with the wine that he is sampling.

Wine Your Way Across Texas was started as a way for everyone to see the tremendous wines that Texas has to offer. Texas is producing wines that are spectacular. These wines are winning awards!

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Let me show you the great wineries of Texas. You and your family/friends will have a great time exploring each winery. Cheers!

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