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Threshold Vineyard and Winery

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I had the opportunity to speak with Kimbrough; he and his wife, Betsy, are the owners of Threshold Vineyard and Winery Along with their children, Ben, Josh, Jordon and Jackie run and manage the day to day operations and wine making process at Threshold Vineyard and Winery.

This interview is totally raw. There was no editing. I left it as you see it because it was a down home, very comfortable interview. And Kimbrough had a lot to say about the winery, the vineyard and the future of Threshold Vineyard and Winery.

Upon entering the vineyard, you are under a canopy of trees. The grounds are manicured and offer a relaxing area to have a glass (or two) of the great wines they make. What was once a Christmas tree farm and transitioned through the years to other ventures, it is now an award winning winery in Navasota, TX.

The grapes they grow are Blanc du Bois, Lomanto, Lennair and the Camminare Noir.

As you look at the wine labels, you will notice a finger print. When I asked Kimbrough about this. He responded with “we want everyone to know that we have our hands in every step of the wine making process. From planting the vines to pruning to picking the grapes and making the wine, we do everything by hand”. A distinctive part of the label that everyone will remember.

They have plans to expand the wine production area and will have a new tasting room. Great things to come from this beautiful winery.

This winery is a MUST GO TO winery

Threshold Vineyards
14615 County Road 318
Navasota, TX 77868
(936) 225-3355